So you have already set the date? You have the perfect wedding dress and the perfect gentleman? Now here are a few tips to ensure you look like the perfect blushing bride. Remember I speak from experience and in no way do I mean that my tips are cast in stone. Ready? Lets start on it.

1.Get a trial done. My advice to any new bride looking around for a makeup artist, before you agree if you have time on your hands better get a trial run done before the wedding day.Early morning trials are usually the best because you get a chance to see how the makeup wears through out the day.

2.Get bridal inspirations looks online and share with the makeup artist so that she can get a rough idea of what type of looks you are into, but be sure to get inspirations from images that have models that are closer to your own complexion. Unless you have already worked with the makeup artist before which then you can just advice on the desired colors. Tip: I always advice all of my brides to sync the trial with either an engagement shoot or with a traditional ceremony, this way you kill two birds with one stone.

3.To get a facial or not: I  have had friends an brides that usually don’t get facials in their day to day lives and get one just before the wedding for the first time and get nasty breakouts or reactions. My advice is always this, a few months to your wedding is not the time to try on new face creams and procedures please. If you are used to getting a facial done, then by all means pamper yourself just don’t change the range of products that you always use. Better to be safe than sorry. In case you suffer from acne be it hormonal or stress related, please do not self prescribe creams or medicine, visit a dermatologist. Also most brides get on family planning just before the wedding and this can cause breakouts,if this is the case ask the doctor to change the prescription for you or just own it sis!

4.This will sound contradictory. During the trial feel free to communicate your wants, fears, ideas to the Mua but also go to the meeting with an open mind. Be open to new ideas and advice from the Mua. Dont say no to something unless you are personally passionately against it, ie strip lashes. During the trial is the best time to try on strip lashes and spend the day with them, this will help you know if you can get them for your wedding day.Communicate, communicate. I personally always advice lashes be it strip or individual because they play up your gorgeous eyes and plus they photograph so well.

5.If you do decide to get individual lashes from a beauty salon, try to be very careful of the place you get them done. I have instances where brides have gotten them done separately and reacted to the glue used or got an eye infection.This just messes up the eyes on the wedding day.The worst thing to ever do is look back on your wedding pics and see puffy, red eyes. Make sure you get them done in sanitary conditions, then maybe try them out a few months before the wedding.

6.Grow your eyebrows. For a few weeks before the wedding, I always advice the bride to grow her brows inorder to get a fuller nicer shape before threading or tweezing on the wedding day. Avoid over plucking, avoid trying a new eyebrow person a few months to the wedding.Eyebrows frame the face and tie the whole look together. Stay away from new trends just before your wedding, ie heena and eyebrow tattoos. Just don’t.

7.Start taking care of yourself ahead of the wedding: No I do not mean those drastic semi permanent changes! please no heena guys seriously!! What I mean is start moisturizing religiously, eat more veggies and fruits, I know the wedding planning can be stressful,but try get enough rest, clean your makeup before bed,hydrate, basically what I’m saying is develop good habits. If you get really dry cracked lips, scrub with olive oil and sugar and put on a balm before bed.

8.Invest in a few products for your bridal touch up. This is of course after consultation with a makeup artist. I advice my brides to buy the lipstick that she likes, if you prefer to use your own foundation, get the foundation, increasingly in the market there is a great variety of 24hour foundations that will stay in place the whole day, compact powder, blotting sheets and cue-tips. Though at this point I must say, personal makeup takes a while before getting finished, if you insist that the makeup artist should use your own makeup, kindly ensure that its not expired. I have had instances where clients insist on this then go ahead and give you funky smelling makeup and really gross dirty brushes! No. please. no.

9.Get proper lighting. Most Kenyan brides get ready extremely early in the morning before there is natural light, if that is the case ensure that you avoid rooms that have fluorescent lighting and also you should provide the Mua with a bulb with yellow light and near a window that you will draw up the curtains after a while after the sun comes up. It doesn’t hurt to offer breakfast, just saying! Kindly keep time! Nothing gets on my nerves like a bride that insists that you be at her place say 4:30 am then you get there and they are all asleep or even worse a bride that lies about the time the ceremony will start, thinking that you shall be late to arrive. Respect goes a long way guys!

10.On the wedding morning. If you happened to love your trial makeup, kindly do not start making changes in the morning. In case there was something you needed to change, ask the makeup artist early in advance. Basically avoid making drastic changes to your look especially if you are getting pressure from your bridesmaids. This is the reason, you have had the whole day to wear your trial look, you have taken pics, you have gotten used to the look on your face. Im not saying that you shouldn’t listen to your friends, Im saying do not let them steamroll you into making changes that you do not want especially if you loved the makeup in the first place. I think I am one of those few makeup artists that will never advice a bride to get a nude lipstick! Unless the bride specifically requests, then I will oblige.

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